Our People

Current Lab Members

  • T. Anthony Anderson, MD, PhD Principal Investigator

    Anthony Anderson is a pediatric and adult anesthesiologist at the Stanford University School of Medicine with an interest in acute and chronic pain prevention and management strategies.

  • Beth De Souza, PhD, MSc, BSc Research Data Analyst II

    Beth is a biostatistician and epidemiologist contributing to research projects in the Pediatric Anesthesiology department.

  • Isha Thapa
    Isha Thapa PhD Student

    Isha Thapa is a PhD student in Management Science and Engineering

  • Micaela Dugan Undergraduate Student

    Micaela Dugan is an undergraduate in Stanford’s History program.

Former Lab Members

  • Jorge Delgado
    Jorge Delgado Medical School
  • Sharon Sun, Sc.B.
    Sharon Sun, Sc.B. Anesthesiology Residency
  • Ashin Mehta
    Ashin Mehta Medical School
  • Negin Behzadian
    Negin Behzadian Industry
  • Andrew Ward, PhD, MSc, BSE
    Andrew Ward, PhD, MSc, BSE Industry
  • Trisha Jani
    Trisha Jani Graduate School, PhD Program
  • Diane Zhao
    Diane Zhao Medical School
  • Alice Kate Griffith Cummings Joyner
    Alice Kate Griffith Cummings Joyner Industry
  • Conrad Safranek
    Conrad Safranek Other
  • Reshma Kosaraju
    Reshma Kosaraju High School Student at The Harker School.
  • Gao Gwen
    Gao Gwen Graduate Student


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