Open Positions

Postdoctoral Scholars

Our lab is interested in motivated postdoctoral candidates with interests in pain or perioperative outcomes research. Our research encompasses many topics within these broad categories, and we welcome the opportunity to discuss novel approaches with post docs whose research goals might align with those of the lab.

Clinical Fellows and Visiting Professors

The potential to solve clinical problems and create new scientific understanding through our lab research outcomes provides a unique and challenging opportunity for clinically trained individuals. Given the nature of the work involved, we are interested in those seeking to commit at least a year so that maximum benefits can be achieved from the training experience.

Undergraduate and Graduate Students

We aim to provide challenging and fulfilling research opportunities for students with interests in the areas of pain management and pediatric perioperative outcomes research. Our lab and its members seek to encourage and develop these interests by providing firsthand experience in laboratory or database research in those with the long-term career goal of becoming a scientist and/or a physician.

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